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Functions of the notary Luis Fernando Pino Barrera, of the notary 20, of Mérida, are suspended 

- July 22, 2023

MÉRIDA.- The Official State Gazette published that notary Luis Fernando de Jesús Pino Barrera, head of Public Notary number 20, residing in the city of Mérida, is suspended from the exercise of his notary duties. 

The measure will be in force until the legal situation that affects Pino Barrera for the exercise of his functions changes. 

Who will handle the matters of the Notary Public 20? 

The official body points out that in accordance with the provisions of article 65 of the Regulations of the Law of Notaries of the State of Yucatan, for all legally applicable effects, notice is given that the State Legal Department appointed Ricardo Alberto Paredes Pinto, head of Public Notary number 56, to temporarily take charge of Public Notary number 20. 

The foregoing was determined due to the suspension of the exercise of the functions of Luis Fernando de Jesús Pino Barrera and will be in force until his legal situation is resolved. 

 Source: Diario de Yucatan 

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