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Angry Neighbors Against CFE Due to Prolonged Power Outage

- May 28, 2024

Dozens of residents in the Las Américas neighborhood in the northwest of Mérida have been suffering from a lack of electricity for 15 hours.

Through social media, neighbors expressed their frustration over a new blackout, apparently the longest one this month.

According to testimonies, the power suspension began around 7 pm on Sunday, May 26, and continued until 10 am on Monday, May 27.

(Update: Service was restored at 12:30 pm, meaning it was 17 and a half hours without electricity.)

In addition, residents of the neighborhood pointed out that the lack of this service not only affects the operation of electrical appliances in homes and businesses in that densely populated residential area but also the supply of underground water, which relies on electricity.

Despite numerous reports made to the contact numbers provided by the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission), the response from the state-owned company has been nonexistent. In fact, they even disconnected the phone lines for reporting.

Nevertheless, affected residents have made pleas for help through social media to have their power restored, especially in Stages II and VI of Las Américas. They have also reached out to former Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to intervene.

However, the criticism, ranging from intense to moderate tones, has been particularly directed at Manuel Bartlett, the director of CFE, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and leaders of the official party, Morena.

As the presidential, gubernatorial, and mayoral elections approach in seven days, social media users residing in this extensive and densely populated neighborhood in the capital city ironically wonder if those responsible for ensuring electricity service are punishing them with “light games.””

Source: Diario de Yucatan