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Teachers block access to Mérida Airport

- June 7, 2024

MÉRIDA.- Teachers from Yucatán, dissatisfied because they have not received their salary increase assigned by the Federal government, marched and blocked access to the Mérida International Airport.

Due to the teachers’ blockade on Aviación Avenue, access to the Mérida International Airport has been closed, causing passengers to have to run to the terminal to avoid missing their flights.

The teachers’ blockade also caused a large line of cars, as this access is also the one that connects Mérida with the city of Umán and other surrounding neighborhoods.

Elements of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) remain on site to advise drivers to take precautions. On the other hand, the teachers’ blockade has not caused any disruptions in air activities.

The teacher’s leader, David Montoya, commented that another demand has to do with equality in terms of the days of Christmas bonus in the region, ensuring that Yucatecan teachers are the ones who receive the least of this benefit.

He mentioned that the teaching staff will continue the fight and with the blockades in the city, with the goal of pressuring federal and state authorities to reach an agreement.

Source: El Maya