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Air whirlwind captured in a field in Sitpach, Mérida: VIDEO

- June 7, 2024

A social media user identified as Makario Villafaña managed to capture the moment when an air whirlwind formed in the middle of the sports field in Sitpach, in Mérida.

The phenomenon is known as an air whirlwind, which forms when hot air from the ground rises rapidly and meets a layer of colder air. If the hot air continues to rise, the rotation intensifies, forming the characteristic swirl.

Social media users were amazed by the event, but unlike tornadoes, which are often devastating, this type of whirlwind has a short lifespan and does not usually cause destruction, although it can lift some objects.

However, in most cases, air whirlwinds only lift dust and trash from the streets, other users highlighted.

The event was shared from the user’s account more than 115,000 times.

Source: Diario de Yucatan