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In Yucatán, about 60,000 houses are unoccupied

- June 10, 2024

The Canadevi reported that Yucatán remains below the national average of abandoned houses

In Yucatán, some 60,000 houses are unoccupied, a figure that represents 13 percent of the total housing in the entity, assured the president of the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (CANADEVI) Yucatán, Sergei López Cantón.

Despite the number of abandoned houses, the Chamber assures that Yucatán is below the national average in unoccupied homes. He explained that the housing census in the state is just over 650,000 properties.

When comparing Yucatán’s unoccupied housing metrics with the rest of the country, it stands out that the national average is 15 percent, while in the entity it is 13 percent.

In the Historic Center of Mérida, the rate of abandoned properties is 35 percent

López Cantón pointed out that the situation of unoccupied housing in Yucatán is not worrying for the sector he represents, as it is not critical like in other regions of the country, where it reaches up to 22 percent.

Particularly in the city of Mérida, abandoned housing is concentrated in the Historic Center, where the rate of uninhabited properties is close to 35 percent.

This phenomenon, according to the businessman, is multifactorial, but one of the aspects that may influence is that new generations prefer to settle on the outskirts of the city, instead of inhabiting the houses in the center.

López Cantón commented that part of the unoccupied housing in the Historic Center of Mérida could be due to legal conflicts. This factor contributes to the high abandonment rate in that area.

The President of CANADEVI anticipated that next year, INEGI will update the figures of unoccupied housing at the national level. He was optimistic about the possible decrease of this figure in Yucatán, since the trend in recent years has been downward, going from 15 to 12 percent, and he hopes that this behavior will continue.

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