Female Mayors to Govern More Than Half of Yucatecans: Who Are They?

- June 11, 2024

In the period 2024-2027, 24 of the 106 municipalities of Yucatán will be governed by women. Although this represents only 22.6% of the communities in the state, they encompass 53.31% of the state’s population.

Compared to 2021, the number of municipalities governed by women decreased, as it went from 31 to 24. However, when filtering by population, the number of Yucatecans led by female mayors increased from 214,242 that year (according to the last census by INEGI) to 1,237,405 people in 2024.

This means that it went from 1 to 5 out of every 10 people in Yucatán living in municipalities headed by a woman. In six cases, the current mayors were re-elected, and in another 10, the current mayor will hand over the position to another woman.

Regarding political parties, 12 were candidates from PAN, either alone or in a common candidacy with PRI or Nueva Alianza Yucatán. Of the remaining, 10 were nominated by Morena in coalition with allied parties. The last two were candidates from PRI, in one case alone and in another, with NAY.

Additionally, the list of municipalities that will have female mayors in their next term goes from the least to the most populated.

María Minelia de Jesús Uicab Cel was re-elected as the mayor of Quintana Roo, a community with 976 inhabitants. The 46-year-old teacher faced her fourth campaign for the mayorship. She was victorious in the last two.

On the other end is Cecilia Anunciación Patrón Laviada, who will be the fourth mayor of Mérida, the most populated municipality of Yucatán with 995,129 inhabitants. Nominated by PAN, PRI, and NAY, the Public Relations graduate takes office at 53 years of age. She has a broad political career, mainly as an official in PAN administrations of Mérida, federal deputy, and general secretary of the National Action Party.

The youngest of the upcoming mayors is Kenia Walldina Sauri Madariaga, 31 years old, who will preside over the Commune of Umán, a position she reached nominated by PVEM, PT, and Morena. It was the second time the Morena councilor sought the presidency of the fifth most populated municipality of Yucatán, with 69,147 people. Previously, she was the alternate for federal deputy Fátima Perera Salazar.

The oldest mayor will be María Lorenza Ayala López, 62 years old, who was re-elected to the position in Abalá, nominated by PRI. She was previously the secretary of that City Hall. She has a degree and also worked in the human resources area of a soft drink company.

In terms of professional training, the most educated is Marta Beatriz Poot Nahuat, 48 years old, who has a doctorate and was a teacher in higher education institutions. She will be the municipal president of Cuncunul, the third smallest municipality in population, with 1,714 inhabitants. The candidate from PAN, PRI, and NAY arrives at the Commune on her third attempt and will replace another woman, Tila Rosado Chalas.

Estela Dzul is 41 years old and was nominated by the coalition PVEM, PT, and Morena, a party she has been a member of for seven years. She is a homemaker and sells costume jewelry.

Concepción Tamay, 60 years old, was re-elected for her second consecutive term as mayor. She is the wife of former mayor Roger Cimé Mis, who led the Commune for two terms, during which she was president of the DIF. As part of her experience, her registration with IEPAC indicates that she was in charge of an economical kitchen.

The list of women who will be mayors in Yucatán municipalities in the next term is as follows. They are ordered by age.


Kenia Walldina Sauri Madariaga              31           PVEM-PT-MORENA     Umán

Abril Abigail Palma Bacelis        32           PAN-PRI-NAY  Sinanché

Gabriela Puc Mis             32           PVEM-PT-MORENA      Tixcacalcupul

Yanely Gabriela Ortega Canché 33           PT-MORENA     Bokobá

Wendy Marielly Cauich Cauich 33           PAN       Seyé

Rubí Yasmín Aké Chávez             36           PVEM-PT-MORENA      Muxupip

Yeseña Osiris Loría Marfil          36           PT-MORENA     Río Lagartos

Rosalba Guadalupe Uc Zapata   37           PVEM-PT-MORENA      Xocchel

Iginia Adalberta Zapata Chi        38           PVEM-PT-MORENA      Akil

María Guadalupe Tut Hau           38           PVEM-PT-MORENA      Kopomá

Linda Margarita Pérez Quijano 41           PAN-NAY            Conkal

Estela Dzul Chuc             41           PVEM-PT-MORENA      Tekal De Venegas

Flory Grissel Cen Balam               41           PVEM-PT-MORENA      Tekantó

Gabriela de Jesús Pool Camelo          45           PAN-NAY            Sucilá

María Minelia de Jesús Uicab Cel      46           PAN-PRI             Quintana Roo

Guadalupe Elizabeth Zapata González  48           PAN-PRI             Acanceh

Marta Beatriz Poot Nahuat         48           PAN-PRI-NAY  Cuncunul

Gloria Aracelly Cocom Can         49           PRI-NAY             Tekom

Cristina Guadalupe del Rocío Pérez Bojórquez 50           PAN-PRI             Hunucmá

Aída María de Jesús Fernández Góngora             51           PAN-PRI             Teabo

Cecilia Anunciación Patrón Laviada       53           PAN-PRI-NAY  Mérida

Concepción Tamay Noh               60           PAN-PRI-NAY  Chankom

Melba  Abraham Hoyos               60           PAN       Halachó

María Lorenza Ayala López       62           PRI        Abalá

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