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Teachers from Section 33 of the SNTE in Mérida Block Access to the Secretariat of Education

- June 21, 2024

It seems that the complaints from Yucatán’s teaching profession are ongoing. Now, teachers from Section 33 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) have blocked access to the Secretariat of Education to protest salary deductions due to their absence during demonstrations.

Despite the rain, teachers arrived early at the facilities of the State General Secretariat of Education (SEGEY) to deliver a petition to Education Secretary Liborio Vidal Aguilar. Failing to receive a response on-site or from union leaders, they decided to close the streets once again.

Professor Lilia Canul explained that they have two main requests: first, that reports of absences not be filed for those who participated in various demonstrations, and second, the opening of working groups to address the needs of education workers across different levels.

She emphasized that some colleagues have already received notices of salary deductions for their absences. She urged all teachers to unite, as winning this battle would benefit everyone.

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