Five minors with a report of disappearance were located in Yucatán.

- June 21, 2024

Even though the number of missing persons increases in Quintana Roo in just one day, Yucatán authorities found five missing minors who had been previously reported in search records by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

The Specialized Unit for the Search of Missing and Unlocated Persons (UBP) in Yucatán announced that a 15-year-old minor identified as F.A.M.C was found alive and returned to her family.

Similarly, another 14-year-old girl identified as A.L.M.C was located, and her search record was removed.

On the same day, investigative authorities confirmed the location of a 15-year-old adolescent identified as J.A.M.CH. Hours later, the Investigation and Litigation Unit of the FGE based in Motul deactivated the Amber Alert for a 16-year-old minor, G.J.H.L, who was found alive and reunited with her family after being reported missing since April 22.

Another alert was deactivated in Yucatán following the location of a 14-year-old minor identified as W.P.H.M, who disappeared on June 11 in the Santa Camilo neighborhood in Mérida.

Although Yucatán maintains one of the lowest insecurity rates nationwide, disappearances remain a problem faced by the state. In response to this issue, the first collective of Families Searching in Yucatán was initiated, presided over by Clara María Gutiérrez Centeno.

This collective represents the efforts of families searching for their sons and daughters and serves as a support network to achieve location coordination with state authorities.

According to Clara María Gutiérrez Centeno, president of Families Searching in Yucatán, most of the disappearances occurring in municipalities such as Progreso, Mérida, Kanasín, and Yaxcabá are not related to drug trafficking or crimes involving criminal groups.

In Yucatán, disappearances are linked to abductions among individuals, family violence, and cases of elderly adults wandering away from home.

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