Robbery at a Grocery Store Leaves an Old Woman Injured in Progreso

- June 27, 2024

Crime continues to generate fear in Progreso, as no sector is spared. Evidence of this is the aggression two elderly individuals over 70 years of age suffered, who were affected by the theft of cash from their grocery store.

The store suffered its second robbery in less than a month. It happened in the early hours of Wednesday when the elderly couple was about to close their business at Los Camaroncitos, located on Calle 31 by 100 in the Feliciano Canul Reyes neighborhood.

They received an unexpected visit from a man riding a motorcycle, whose license plates and brand remain unknown. The owners were shocked when this “thief” pushed the woman, named Guadalupe Acosta, and desperately grabbed the day’s earnings before fleeing rapidly.

Despite attempts to stop him, the thief managed to escape, even resorting to violence against the elderly couple. The incident was reported to the Municipal Police.

A team was dispatched to the scene, while other official vehicles conducted surveillance rounds in search of the perpetrator, based on information provided by the victims.

The store manager revealed that his partner, Guadalupe Acosta, suffered an injured wrist and a nervous crisis, leaving her in a state of shock until the arrival of the police and other family members.

The criminal act was captured by the store’s video surveillance cameras. The State Investigation Police also acted. The couple was advised to file a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office, located in the port of Progreso.

Numerous complaints arose from nearby merchants and residents, as these elderly individuals are allegedly frequent targets of the same criminals. It is claimed that the perpetrators are residents from the eastern part of Progreso.

Several witnesses who stayed to observe the authorities’ response emphasized that immediate and decisive action should be taken the next time these elderly entrepreneurs face such an incident, considering their emotional and physical well-being.

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