Yucatán Government Donates 110 Hectares to SEDENA for Tren Maya Railway Project

- July 1, 2024

In a generous move, the Yucatán State Government, led by Mauricio Vila Dosal, has donated 110 hectares of land to the Mexican Ministry of Defense’s Secretariat (SEDENA) for the construction of projects related to the Tren Maya railway. This entity is responsible for managing the railway through its military company, Grupo Aeroportuario, Ferroviario, de Servicios Auxiliares y Conexos, Olmeca- Maya-Mexica (GAFSACOMM).

In a press release announcing the launch of two new Welfare Hubs in Yucatán, the government provided details on where they are located, their benefits, and how much land was donated. The release stated that the property will be used for the “development of a multimodal park for the Tren Maya”.

According to the release, the government has also managed a branch of the Tren Maya railway project that will reach the Technological Park in Progreso, where SEDENA will build the aforementioned multimodal station on the donated land.

In the Official Gazette of Yucatán State (Diario Oficial del Estado de Yucatán) dated June 27, 2024, it is highlighted that this branch of the Tren Maya railway project will bring numerous benefits to both projects. The document states that “the creation of a branch of the Tren Maya railway that reaches kilometer 24.5 of the Mérida-Progreso highway will result in the multiplication of benefits for both projects… [it is located] 18 kilometers north of Mérida, less than an hour from Progreso’s High-Altitude Port, and has a strategic location that allows for swift movement of goods and people between the two points.”

However, the administration’s press release announcing the government’s donation of 110 hectares to SEDENA does not specify the exact location (although it is inferred to be in Progreso) or the market value of the land.

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