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With the arrival of the rains, potholes increase on several roads in Mérida

- June 24, 2024

Nineteen work crews are engaged in a seemingly endless battle during the rainy season: repairing the countless potholes

These road craters multiply with the rainfall to such an extent that attempting to fix them all feels like a lost cause.

Given the high number of reports received, the City Council was asked if there is an emergency plan for pothole repair to address the abundance of potholes during the rainy season.

The municipality stated that their pothole repair program is ongoing “to address citizen reports before and after the rainy season.”

“This program is managed by 15 crews in the western zone, three in the eastern zone during the morning shift, and one during the daytime shift from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, we work with four crews,” said the Mérida City Council.

The municipal report also highlighted that currently, the most affected roadways are in the West, Central, and South zones, where they have received 1,120 reports in June alone.

Due to the rains, “the number of (pothole) reports received has increased, averaging 56 per day.” In 90% of cases, attention is provided within 72 hours, according to the authorities.

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