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App-based Taxi Driver Stabbed by a Teenager Passenger in Mérida

- July 6, 2024

The state police are investigating an incident that occurred on Saturday in the Jacinto Canek neighborhood, where an app-based taxi driver was injured with a blunt object.

It is said that the mentioned driver was wounded by a minor who was traveling as a passenger. The victim, identified as Raúl Hebert A. F., 66 years old, allegedly told police that he was carrying the minor and when they were passing by Calle 68 and Calle 49 in the Jacinto Canek neighborhood, the teenager attacked him with a knife to rob him.

The man parked his vehicle on the side of the street and asked for help, which allowed the young man to flee the scene. Paramedics from the SSP attended to the injured individual who had suffered wounds on the scapula bone on his back. He was transported him to a hospital.

The police secured the vehicle and the area where the incident occurred so that the Public Ministry can carry out the relevant investigations.

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